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Millions of portraits have been made in history...

But none like these.

Mad about you.jpg

Art statement

When someone gives you a big smile, you smile back, automatically.

This has nothing to do with culture or education. We, human beings, react in similar ways to a few basic expressions.

But smiling is one of the most positive ones. It has healing power and fills you with joy and energy.

For many years now, my work has been an examination of how to trigger this behavior with sculpted portraits.

Mastering this set of skills also meant I was into healing art that makes your heart smile.

Isn't that what art should accomplish? 

This giant blue character can easily attract people from a distance of 1 km and can make them smile while doing so. 

But did you notice that this big fellow doesn't even need lips to smile?

That's because I only show you the essential parts.

Making them instantly recognizable. 

Your mind will fill in what's missing.

La vie en rose.jpg
Waiting, Sitting,Wishing (orange).jpg

And here's another thing that makes my work stand out so much.

My friends can make eye contact!

That is not so exceptional with old paintings but is quite rare with sculptures.

Go outside and look at every statue you may find.

99% of these are blind, have an eye disease, or stare at who knows what.

My portraits look at a certain point and when you are standing at that point you'll make eye contact!

My brother and me (strongminded)_edited_edited_edited.jpg
My brother and me (gentle)_edited.jpg

And last but not least. 

The colors.

These twins are a good example to show you what a little color can do to you.

The left one is strong-minded, the second is gentle.

And this merely because of the color of their hair. That's the most important difference between these two brothers. It suffices to change their character completely.

It's also something I love to play with.

Enough talk, time to take a look at some artworks.

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