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Transform your house into a joyful, inspiring home.

Kiss therapy.jpg

The right artwork makes all the difference.

The show is about to start.jpg

Hi, my name is Raphaël and I love to make bold portraits, packed with contagiously playful positivity and, in the meantime, make them look as pure and simple as possible. 

Imagine coming home and finding, on a bookshelf, windowsill, or a sideboard one of these characters. Looking at you and smiling because you're back home.

Wouldn't you start smiling too?

50 ways to leave your lover.jpg
Jack in the box.jpg

Here's a sneak preview of my latest work. Some of it has never been shown before.

Curious to see what other art lovers ordered?

Mr & Mrs S.jpg
You made my day.jpg

Or do you prefer to get wild about the special series?

Anyway, there's something big coming soon.

The twins_edited.jpg

Do you have a question,
a remark, or a request?

Get in touch with me, I'd love to hear from you...

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